Happy Scooter Pilot!

9 04 2009



Dangerous Cops

30 03 2009

Yesterday morning we were headed to church when I noticed something a bit scary. There was a police officer directing traffic into our church which is in a highly congested area. Couldn’t help but notice the police officer was directing traffic while talking on his cell phone. Doesn’t that feel a bit dangerous? whatzupwithat?

Gangstas in Cop Cars

23 03 2009

My wife and I were on a trip this past weekend and stopped at a gas station to re-fuel. An old cop car pulled up to the tank next to us. Three gangsta looking characters rolled out of the smoke filled car. Gangstas in a cop car! whatzupwithat?

Where are those “Full Service” Gas Stations

4 02 2009

Today it is 14 degrees with a wind chill of 3 degrees. The gas gauge in my car is on empty. I can’t seem to find one of those “full serve” gas stations I remember as a kid. whatzupwithat?

Robert Plant

27 01 2009

I was driving down 16th Ave in Nashville today. Robert Plant walked across the street right in front of my vehicle. He didn’t even acknowledge me!  whatzupwithat?

The Ultimate Drive-thru Question

29 12 2008

With Christmas vacation drawing to a close, we made the trek back from visiting family. Hats off and a BIG thanks to the wonderful state of Texas for keeping us entertained  and well fed for a week! I have a new understanding of the vastness of Texas. It felt like a 2 day trip just to get out of the state. As we were just about to cross the border into Arkansas, we were left with one last Big Texas memory!  In search of a little pre-dinner snack, everyone in the car voted that a Dairy Queen stop was in order. We pulled into the drive-thru and began placing our order for those dairy delights. After we placed our order, we were asked a question that I never expected to be asked at a drive-thru window. “Is this order for here or to go sir?” whatzupwithat?

Condiments are Extra?

24 12 2008

Recently, I pulled through a drive through at a restaurant while traveling. Pulled up to the window and asked for extra ketchup. The restaurant employee pointed to the sign “Additional charge for extra condiments”  whatzupwithat?