Airport Restaurants

8 06 2009

Ever notice that the restaurants in airports begin closing at 8:30pm? Makes it impossible to get something to eat if your flight is delayed or your connection is a later one. whatzupwithat?

Help Me Wash My Hands Please!

18 03 2009

I just walked into the restroom at a local restaurant. I walked up to the sink to wash my hands upon my exit. What…no soap? Okay, I have been told to wash your hands for three minutes under running water when one finds himself in this situation so I proceed to do just that. As I turn to the paper towel dispenser, I am hit with the realization that there are no paper towels either.  This is the third time I have encountered this at three different public restrooms in the last week! Did our government miss something huge in the so-called “stimulus plan?”  whatzupwithat?

Dippin’ Dots

20 02 2009

So the family wanted to go to Dippin’ Dots last evening.  Is regular ice cream really that boring?  So I had to ask the manager on duty what makes Dippin’ Dots so special because they certainly don’t taste as good as regular old ice cream. He replied “because the little balls of cream are frozen at -40 degrees”   whatzupwithat?

California Pizza Kitchen Please!

23 01 2009

We are out with family at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Orange County, CA trying to find a place to eat lunch. We pass up this nice little French cafe in favor of the fast food verison California Pizza Kitchen because one of our family members is dying to eat there. We decide to let that particular family member go up to the counter and order for us all. Thinking this family member is a California Pizza Kitchen conniseuer, we are expecting some great pizza. Maybe the barbeque chicken? Our mouths are watering as we anticipate pizza. The family member shows up with cold club sandwiches! whatzupwithat?

IN-N-OUT Burger

19 01 2009

California is blessed with 1oo’s of IN-N-OUT Burger locations. They are absolutely hands down the the best fast food restaurant in the world!  There isn’t one location in my home state of Tennessee! whatzupwithat?

Why the ash tray?

8 01 2009

Thirteen years ago I was able to kick the smoking habit, which by the way is the worst habit ever created by man. As a reformed smoker, I am thrilled to see all of the smoking bans being passed. Especially in restaurants and public places. Recently while strolling through a public place, I noticed an ash tray near by. There was a sign posted on the ash tray that stated “smoking in public places is prohibited by law” My curious little mind couldn’t help but wonder, why didn’t they just remove the ash tray? whatzupwithat?

The Ultimate Drive-thru Question

29 12 2008

With Christmas vacation drawing to a close, we made the trek back from visiting family. Hats off and a BIG thanks to the wonderful state of Texas for keeping us entertained  and well fed for a week! I have a new understanding of the vastness of Texas. It felt like a 2 day trip just to get out of the state. As we were just about to cross the border into Arkansas, we were left with one last Big Texas memory!  In search of a little pre-dinner snack, everyone in the car voted that a Dairy Queen stop was in order. We pulled into the drive-thru and began placing our order for those dairy delights. After we placed our order, we were asked a question that I never expected to be asked at a drive-thru window. “Is this order for here or to go sir?” whatzupwithat?