Seat Reclining People

27 05 2009

I often wonder why they have the seat reclining function available on commercial jets. The seats only recline an inch or two which is not enough to make an impact on how well you relax or sleep. However, it does shove the seat into the knees of the person behind you making it impossible to sit comfortable. The person behind the reclined seat can’t even fully open a laptop. There are those passengers who immediately recline their seat as soon as they sit down. I refer to them as the “Seat Reclining People” Don’t they consider the person sitting behind them? whatzupwithat?

Airline Restrooms

13 05 2009

I always try to practice good bathroom etiquette by being a gentlemen and lifting the toilet seat when appropriate. However, I find this almost impossible on commercial airplanes. For some reason the designers of these commercial jets can’t figure out a method of making it possible to lift the toilet seat and have it lock in place. Instead they expect us male passengers to perform gymnastics on one leg while holding the seat up with the other. whatzupwithat?