Diet Coke Haters

4 06 2009

Why do people feel obligated to tell me how bad Diet Coke is for me? whatzupwithat?

Shopping Cart Valet

13 01 2009

I am one of those people who tries to go without a shopping cart when I am in a grocery store. When I am about half way through the store and have a gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, three 12 packs of Diet Coke in my hands I usually begin second guessing my decision. Maybe I should have at least grabbed one of those green hand held baskets? All it takes is that carton of ice cream to tip the scale of my balancing act as I race to the check-out line. My fingers and wrists begin to hurt as a result of the compromising position I put them in. I am hanging on for dear life until the line moves close enough to the checkers conveyor belt.  This little strategy was brought on from years of always getting the bum shopping cart. You know the one. Wheels have a flat, some piece of trash that can’t be seen by the human eye is permanently stuck under one wheel or one of the wheels feels the need to violently spin giving the cart that “out of alignment” pull to the right. With 2009 being a new year, I made a resolution to give the carts another chance. This past weekend, my wife sent me on a shopping trip that involved both a Wal-mart and Sam’s stop. I entered Wal-mart first. Shopping carts were drenched with water so I grabbed one fast and took off. Immediately my cart began a side-ways slide as one of the wheels locked up. Why me? I ditched the cart, decided to solo through Wal-mart and then on to Sam’s. The Sam’s greeter was drying the shopping carts and handing them off with a personal touch. I thought “this is the answer”! A personal shopping cart valet. Surely, the shopping cart valet would inspect the cart while he was shining them up with his towel. I accepted the cart from my personal Sam’s shopping cart valet wondering if my life long shopping cart fobia had been solved. I whizzed past the jewelry counter, then the TV Display, spun around the corner headed for the frozen foods. Yes! Shopping cart bliss! At that moment, I felt the dreaded thump. The thump grew greater with every step. Could it be? Then it happened. My shopping cart came to a screeching halt. A total four wheel shopping cart lock down! A fellow shopper looked at me with a smile as he rolled his perfectly functioning cart passed me. “WOW” he said “I normally get that cart” whatzupwithat?

No Diet Coke?

31 12 2008

My day always starts off with a cup of decaf coffee. I love the flavor of coffee but for some reason the caffeine makes me feel extremely weird and tenses up my neck muscle. After the morning coffee, I grab a Diet Coke for the caffeine buzz. Diet Coke has just the right amount of caffeine and doesn’t wig me out. I have read that a little caffeine helps you to think more clearly. This morning I had my coffee as usual. It’s New Years Eve, I am excited about the day and ready for my Diet Coke. I swing open the refrigerator door. NO DIET COKE!!! whatzupwithat?