Airport Restaurants

8 06 2009

Ever notice that the restaurants in airports begin closing at 8:30pm? Makes it impossible to get something to eat if your flight is delayed or your connection is a later one. whatzupwithat?


Diet Coke Haters

4 06 2009

Why do people feel obligated to tell me how bad Diet Coke is for me? whatzupwithat?

What are airplane restrooms always out of paper towels?

28 05 2009

I fly often and realize that every time I visit the restroom on a plane, the paper towels dispensers are always empty. whatzupwithat?

Seat Reclining People

27 05 2009

I often wonder why they have the seat reclining function available on commercial jets. The seats only recline an inch or two which is not enough to make an impact on how well you relax or sleep. However, it does shove the seat into the knees of the person behind you making it impossible to sit comfortable. The person behind the reclined seat can’t even fully open a laptop. There are those passengers who immediately recline their seat as soon as they sit down. I refer to them as the “Seat Reclining People” Don’t they consider the person sitting behind them? whatzupwithat?


20 05 2009

Clarinets. whatzupwithat?


18 05 2009

Captcha. You know the little box with jumbled up letters that most websites require the you to correctly fill in as a security precaution. While I think security cautions are great, why are those numbers so hard to read. It takes me three tries to get it right. whatzupwithat?

Bowling Balls Headed to Vegas

14 05 2009

I was on a Southwest Airlines flight this week which was scheduled to end in Las Vegas. Everyone on the plane was carrying a bowling ball. whatzupwithat?